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Is your organization unknowingly letting Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements slip through the cracks of your MDS/RAI processes?

Oversight Consulting Group helps skilled nursing care and long-term care facilities identify – and correct – process gaps that could be costing them funding. Using our signature 4-tiered Oversight approach, we develop a comprehensive plan customized to your organization’s needs. We help you make interdisciplinary process improvements that will have a direct and positive impact on your facility’s bottom line.  
We assist you to navigate the ever-changing medicare and Medicaid regulations, while helping you achieve optimal reimbursement.

The Oversight Process


We conduct a thorough initial audit of your MDS/RAI processes, provide reports and recommendations, and deliver ongoing reviews and reports to track progress and ensure compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations.



We provide ongoing support and guidance to help you successfully implement RAI process improvements and obtain proper Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements.



Our AANAC-certified RNACs (Registered Nurse Assessment Coordinators) deliver practical training programs to educate your entire interdisciplinary team. We keep your organization up to date with the latest Medicaid and Medicare rules and regulations so you’re aware of your requirements for compliance.



We attend your organization’s meetings to help each and every department address their specific responsibilities in implementing MDS/RAI process improvements. Compliance is a team effort!