Providing you the ongoing guidance you need to successfully implement RAI process improvements and obtain appropriate Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements


Oversight Consulting Group is vested in your success. After we complete the Review phase of the multi-faceted Oversight Process for skilled nursing care and long-term care facilities, we remain a partner in helping you achieve your process improvement goals. We’re here to answer your questions about your review reports and provide clarification about recommendations.  We also help you address unusual or atypical resident scenarios, get clarity on the requirements applicable to skilled care, and navigate difficult or complicated ARD (Assessment Reference Date) selection.

In short, we become a resource for you and your entire interdisciplinary team. As you work to implement the changes that will help your care facility comply with state and federal rules and regulations and obtain optimal clinical reimbursements, we’re here to support you. Whenever you have questions related to the MDS/RAI process and your Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, we’re readily available to you by phone, email, and via Skype. We answer all calls and inquiries directly and personally – usually immediately and always within 24 hours. Unlike other companies, we never route you to a call center where the person on the other end probably won’t be able to address your questions. When you call us, you’ll talk only to us.


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