Providing practical educational training across your organization


It takes a coordinated effort to ensure that your care facility complies with the ever-changing rules and regulations that impact Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. As your team members have other – many and varied – responsibilities, it can be daunting to keep up with the latest state and federal requirements. The ramifications of non-compliance and not being aware of what needs to be done to comply can adversely affect your organization’s bottom line. That’s why we offer training both one on one and in group sessions to guide your interdisciplinary team members in all aspects of the MDS/RAI process.

All of our training programs are delivered by RNs who are AANAC-certified RNACs (Registered Nurse Assessment Coordinators). Our program topics include:

●     Line by line MDS (Minimum Data Set) Training

●     MDS training for all IDT (Interdisciplinary Team) members

●     ADL (Activities of Daily Living) Coding

●     Skilled documentation

●     Case Mix Index

●     RAI (Resident Assessment Instrument), Medicare, and Medicaid Changes

If your team needs some other topic addressed, we’ll collaborate with you and develop a custom program suited specifically to your organization’s needs.


Contact us for more information about the Education programs we provide to organizations that provide skilled nursing and long-term care.